About us

Onstage Sessions is an initiative dedicated to promoting live events, concert venues and simultaneous video streaming online. Founded by the creators of the Onstage platform. Onstage Sessions partners with some of the most significant and professional live event organizers Beebop Cafe and IGS Sound Factory.

We are...


Onstage provides an online platform for music professionals to consolidate their digital assets, create personalized web presence and effectively build better relationships with visitors, artists and agents.

Beebop Cafe

Established as a jazz club, Beebop Cafe features some of the most prominent sound engineers that play a crucial role in perfecting the sound experience. Its dedicated agents also provide the necessary artist and public relations.

IGS Sound Factory

A true leader on the market, IGS manufactures sound equipment, lighting and professional staging for events of all sizes. IGS Sound Factory and its engineers hold over thirty years of experience in perfecting the stage for the music professional.

What we do

We produce awesome musical events. Onstage Sessions completes the full circle of logistics, sound, stage, lighting, online presence and event streaming. Our partnership has constructed a solid organization that can swiftly take on any task in the event planning space.